Life Safer Driving System

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In the world, there are many rules and regulations made by the government, but no one is ready to follow the rules. We focus on traffic rules in this project. When we take a survey regarding death in accidents, it is because of HEAD INJURY. That is mainly because of not wearing a helmet.

As a engineer, it is our duty to protect people with a device. As per rules, every bike rider should wear a helmet, but many of us are not following that. To make them follow the rules, our device is going to keep a check mate. ”Only if people wear a helmet they can start their bike else they can’t start.” So our device will make the people perfect in following rules.

Our device works by means of “wireless communication” and RF sensor which sense the human and supply a signal to a relay. The main concept of our project is to induce a perfect vehicle on the road.

1. Every citizen must follow the traffic rules
2. To avoid death because of accidents
3. To make a bike which is said to be “king of rules”

When key is ‘ON’ we must wear helmet, else bike will not start. After wearing helmet, then bike starts because of RF frequency.
While driving, because of inconvenience we have to remove helmet. time out internal timer starts counting according to the setting time. After completion of that time user not wear the helmet means, bike will automatically ‘OFF.’
Instead of a right helmet, unauthorized person trying to theft our bike by wearing other helmet means , bike will not start and producing alarm or else give message to the user.

Case 1:
Initially when we want to start a bike without wearing helmet means, after putting key in a bike, it will not start but the the receiver display shows “PLEASE ENSURE SAFETY SYSTEM” after that if we wear a helmet means the bike will start. And display shows “YOU PROCEED” Else not start.
Case 2:
While driving if we remove helmet in the middle, the internal clock will starts counting. For ex 20 seconds. till that time there will be a frequency transmission between the transmitter and the receiver. After the time gets ends, the transmission is INTERRUPED. And the bike will automatically OFF. Either if we wear the helmet in between the timer bike is in ON state. we can proceed driving. After the bike is “off” there is no need to put a key again, wear a helmet is enough.
Case 3:
If any UNAUTHORIZED PERSON wants to use our bike without helmet the bike will not start , else they are using there own helmet to start our bike, the frequency is not get matched. And it produce ALARM. Otherwise by using GSM technology we can set, alert message to the authorized person.


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