National Defense-Security Electronics Power Center

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National Security-Defense Morale-Welfare-Recreation (MWR) next generation electronics power center is a multi-different types-kinds of devices mounted on a therapy chair system combination for managing troops discretionary unauthorized communications inside-outside of war zones, classified locations deployed or on any military installation domestic and foreign, reducing safety and security risks, preventing U.S. and citizens becoming attacked, improving safety and security with ultimate achievement image buildup having military personnel fiduciary responsibility tighter-tightened-up being more in damage control operating mode before breaching act of negligence occur which creates National Security embarrassing situations covered by UCMJ.

The Power Center purposeful eliminates and resolves for as if possible being said troops bringing personal weapon-gun from home firing same weapon inside war zones that wounded tribal members since bullets exploded violates UCMJ Articles same unchanged policy-law pertains to troops use of personal electronics igniting uproar due to captured published images inflames-start tribal bombings-suicidal bombers killing-civil unrest and war against U.S. Troops killing them and Allied Troops Forces as wanna-be-journalist making history in war zones breaches classified locations with blown cover for people so pre-positioned being private use of personal electronics being a camera-cell phones-etc. Key existing problems now met being said fruition of full development-manufacture and awarded contracts being the solution exceeding fiduciary responsibility fully sustains the current Order supporting UCMJ Articles no personal devices-no commercial electronics authorized National Security standards and requirements risks U.S. lives. Combination multi-different types-kinds of devices mounted on a therapy chair system reclines with leather seat that massages and vibrates with devices mounted on left-right sides swing-out attachment arms replaces separate use of multiple devices and eliminated is sitting at a desk hands managing a device creating ultimate utility for one person at home-work and business/work, in education and entertainment maximizing ergonomics in personal space being radius 1-3 feet directly ahead, looking to the left side and looking to the right side while seated centralizing furniture, location/space, and electronics all in that one personal space 1-3 feet spot: Marketability – military, civilian commercial and university hospitals-dormitories-classrooms, barracks, MWR clubs and childcare centers, on board submarines, cargo and passenger aircrafts, naval aircraft carriers and battleships, cruise ships, yachts, hotels, vacation hot spots with additive colors-overall size option in meeting children average height-age range specs needs-requirements. There are 6 multi-different types-kinds of devices with 6 separate 6/7 in. X 9 in. viewing screens 3 devices with screens on left side and 3 devices with screens on right side swing-out arm mounted on the therapy chair for example but not limited to electronics with screen as a TV-DVD-video games-Skype and phone-Stylus Pad with Pen-Internet-Jot Notes/Notation, master screen and printer (not displayed) is touch screen keyboard-tray flip-able becoming a lap tabletop for sitting objects a design for New Business Startup stimulating U.S. jobs-developing manufacturing efforts Made In U.S. my hometown Robersonville, NC achieves fruition I assisted domestic-foreign economies.


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