Multi-interface Wireless Charger (MWC)

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The device consists of a wireless-type battery charger, compatible with the interface of most mobile devices (cell phone, Tablet), with a mechanical platform to control the distance between charger and device to give an optimal electrical current flow. The MWC provides a special device that avoids damaging current values in the charger for continuous use of the system. Wireless charger replaces the need to charge the phone via a socket electrical bonding to the wall.

Current wireless Chargers devices require that the charging device has a compatible charger receiver element. Initially, only phones made since 2013 have wireless loading devices. The benefit is then for those devices manufactured before this date, which will have access to the benefits that will have the Wireless charging, without modifying their characteristics.

The device will have as potential markets the Cafeterias, where is commonly observed that customers are looking for electric mount walls to charge their mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). The added value of the cafés and bars is presenting itself provide connectivity (WiFi) and a charging system for mobile devices. However, the value-added contrasts with the quality of the service, since customers change their social habits as a result of the search for connectivity and power to their mobile devices. This is the installation of wireless charging, together with the proposed device tables would become an agent of social change.


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    To improve the Quality of Service for mobile communication users.
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