LPG Gas Leakage Detector

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Many people dead and many more battling for life has turned the spotlight once more on the disastrous consequences of improper handling of cooking gas cylinders. Hundreds of blasts are happening every year due to leakage of LPG from cylinders. Hence a device is planned to be installed in every house hold which detects the LPG gas leakage and warn upfront by alarms or sending signals to mobile connection. Leakage environment can be detected using the Ideal Gas Sensor and can be easily integrated into a unit that can sound an alarm or give a visual suggestion of the LPG concentration. The output of the sensor goes LOW as soon as the LPG sensor senses any gas leakage from the storage. This is detected by the micro controller and the LED & buzzer is turned ON. After the delay of few milliseconds, the exhaust fan is also turned ON for throwing the gas out and it continues sending message as ‘GAS LEAKAGE’ to a mobile number which is pre-defined. This device saves many family life's and keep the environment safer all the time.


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    Had done FE stress analysis for American based Aircraft. Used to repeat the same process for new set of loads and got an idea to complete the stress analysis by one go.
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