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FED / Fast, - ergonomic display design technology /.

Machine operator reaction on the information signal change is a complex process. Electronics consumer while perform the operator work, require the full information on the screen, successful ergonomic time capacity to read, to react on the environment that may change the situation. Digital value in an electronics design often lose the parameters in a favor of the reasons of the better fashion design, economic, poor modeling. Universal process value displaying ergonomically substitute locomotion or vision nature.

Three positions display is better ergonomically resolve operator receiving data. Direction of process is the main portion of information signal delivered by Fast Ergonomic Display. Effectiveness was tested in a reaction measure single and three positions monitoring. Experimentally was found that the three positions display has the improved human operator factor.

Potential of idea is the improving performance data receive. Such task is necessary in a progressive device scale construction for economy of vehicle panel area. Mechanical models tend for exchanged with electronic display promptly. Displaying direction of the moving scale is demand reflect important process parameter, - the process phase shift.

Known consumer market electronics casually support mechanical standard displaying data on the electronic display manner. Novel of the three positions displaying in a market is not casual. The progressive trend in a machine to operator integration of equipment is the ergonomics demand to resolve effectively machine environment, because of technological construction progress.

FED resolve information process of receive control in an alternate physical process. For example, machinery known as the building lift would best to use FED display floor information, direction in which lift moving. Temperature indicator is the progressive point of application. Bidirectional thermometers reading important task to control temperature, entire phase of process. Transportation vehicle indicators may have been completely redesigned to interchange with mechanical analog devices.

Market FED niche definitely not limited by single unit, custom design, it is new standard that empower the progressive trends, manufacturing standard ASIC necessary. Experimental examples of product economically is better in modeling software environment, in a programming modules that can be user integrated.

Three position design tested on the computer-human operator interface. There was parameters measured off the locomotion or reaction time spending on the operator screen receive. Several comparable models there was tested: single, and three positions moving scale. Cognitive character of the process of the human vision has the discrete character that was observed in significant improving performance of the three positions FED.

High-efficiency standard is deliverable in a high-quality production manufacturing, easy locate in a parts of software and hardware. Software production require programming technology has a short period return on investment. Hardware production has a significant market demand, but it is long ran term.

Marketable production of the electronics manufacturing tendencies are demand of the macroeconomic stimulus. Significant design technology gain can cost consumer in a marketplace. We can assume that the manufacturing microelectronics FED devices will sufficient economic achievement with no analog in class of production.


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