Wireless Mobile Charging

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Today everywhere in the world use of mobile is increasing day by day because communication anywhere in the world is possible only in few seconds. In early days mobiles was used for calling and sending messages but now a mobile phone can do anything which a laptop or computer do. But there is still one problem which a mobile is facing is battery discharging, more the number of apps early the battery will discharge and it is difficult to put mobile on charging every time due to the wire.

In this idea we are charging our mobile phone without wire, here we are plugin our mobile adapter in the supply board and the power from the board will transmitted to our mobile phone in the form of wave then our mobile phone will convert that electric wave in electric current and hence our mobile will easily charged without any wire.
By this idea we can go any where in house or office and can do our calls and paralleley our mobile will charging.

The mobile charging adapter will play an important role, the adapter will convert the 230v AC signal to wave with the help of converting ic and transmit it in our house on the other hand our mobile having receiving ic and which can receive the transmitted signal which was transmitted by the adapter. Now the mobile will again convert that wave signal to 230 AC and with that AC signal is reduced to 3.7 to 5v DC signal and as result the charging will takes place.

With the help of this idea we can charge many mobile phone, tablets and other electronic devices which are using 3.7 to 5v DC,through this technique we can save power and not required a charger to every phone one single charger can charge many phones


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