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Since March of 1876, when the first successful voicecall was made, the era of communication has moved to video calling resulting in the use of 3 organs, namely ears to listen, eyes to see, and mouth to interact verbally.

Our revolutionary idea promises completeness in communication by a unique system. We have come up with a device which enables the user to communicate through smell. Which means that the user can send the prominent smell, aroma of the surrounding to the other user. Odor can be broken down into basic mixture of some primary molecules (reference:what the nose knows by Dr.Avery Gilbert) we use this property as a breakthrough to our communication system.

The device consists of 3 main processes:

1) Sensing(sensor module)-which consist of an electronic nose made of arrays of SWNT FET GAS SENSORS functionalised with ssDNA ,due to CNT'S unique property of changing its electrical conductivity in presence of a particular gas,and it shows unique resistivity for a given gas sample. its sensitivity further can be refined to ppb level by fabricating ssDNA as stated in patent WO2014113722A1.

2) A to D converter- analog data of all the current change due the presence of specific aroma imparting gas compounds in particular concentration sensed by the sensor module will be converted into digital transferable form,where it will be wirelessly sent across the network to the 2nd user device when it receives the data, the device will convert it again to analog signals,this time as analog input to the smell dispensing unit.

3) Smell dispenser: it will consist cartridges of basic aroma producing compounds which can be triggered by an electronic valve and all the released aroma will be collected in the mixing chamber and where under turbulent flow of vacuum air the compounds will mix in the same proportions to liberate the same smell, aroma to the 2nd user.
Hence smell communication established.

Lets take an example of coffee. Coffee contains 16 high impact molecules which are responsible for its lovely aroma amongst the several others. So when you place the device over the coffee sample it will sense these high impact molecules and send this data to the other user and then the 2nd device will activate only 16 of those specific cartridges amongst the other 900 present in the device and then the mixing will occur and finally it will create the same smell for the 2nd user to enjoy.

In reality, cartridges will be contain around 900 basic smell giving compounds and our research has shown by different combination of these 900 we can create any smell around.

1) A MOBILE APP using its blood alcohol sensing capabilities and tuning it with the car central locking system so that user can only start the car when he blows in front of the phone and the alcohol level detected is less than the permissible limit.

2)It will be a new platform for digital marketing as perfume companies can give their perfume sample while their advertisement plays, taking advertisement into a whole new level.


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    The urge to provide freedom in the ways human communicate across the globe and make it more complete in a very intuitive way.
    That can be achieved by being precognitve.
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