Pocket Power Supply

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Enthusiasts and Hobbyists generally while working with electronics face a common problem to test their circuit designs, which is getting a right power source which could power their system.

And we try to get batteries and try to combine them to get the right supply, but still we rarely get a combination of battery for most digital logic supply like 5v, 3.3v or 1.8v etc.

Sometimes we need supply like 12v also for running some high power electronics or may be just to run an old opamp.

But getting a bulky, bench-top power supply is not possible for everyone, because first of all they are costly not in average hobbyists budget most of the times, and also that they are bulky and run on a wall outlet, so you can't carry them into the field if your device needs to be used outside.

So i have designed a "Portable Digital Power supply" which can fit into a pocket, but it is powerful enough to supply various voltages which suffice the needs of most hobbyist activity along also displaying current and power consumption.

Since it runs on three, 18650 size li-ion batteries, it is very portable also.

It can solve a lot of power source related problems for most hobbyists like me.

It can provide voltages from 1.8 to 12v with 0.1 volts resolution and has all types
of protection mostly available in Commercial supply.

And the best think is that any hobbyist can build it himself.

You can see some images and video of my prototype below.


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    Srinivas Nistala
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