All Seeing Eye

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This is a concept for a VR headset controlled drone.

The drone is spherical and has 6 opposed cameras( 2 along each x,y,z axes). These are all wide angle cameras each capable of recording video. Inbuilt is also an algorithm which stitches the input from each to create a video sphere.

This video sphere is live fed to the VR headset. To look around the sphere you should move your head and see like you would normally do. this gives you a complete visual access in inaccessible places.

Also the movement of the drone is controlled by tilting the head in the respective direction.

Another feature the drone will have is a 3D projector on the top. this can project any kind of image or video on top of it. This can be used mainly for socializing with people by not physically not being there. Only the drone can go and stop in front of the person or another drone and project your face or any custom character with which you like to go by. This way you can meet people or other avatars sitting at home and get the job done while doing some other work at home.

It will also have an inbuilt solar charging feature if you wish to push it further and make it go far away into inaccessible places.

This drone can make normal people explorers and help socialize.


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    Chaitanya Pise
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