Wireless, One-way, Sensor to Base Station Monitoring System for Explosive and Non-hazardous Environments

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The technology developed is a monitoring system that includes a base station and at least one sensor unit mounted some distance away, which is in wireless, one-way communication with the base station. The sensor lies dormant until it receives a voltage trigger from a vibration-sensitive switch which consumes no stored power from the battery. When activated, the sensor takes a measurement, transmits the data to the base station, and then returns to its dormant state. The measurement taken is recorded and time stamped. The system can be utilized in commercial applications that require long term monitoring of events associated with different types of strain, cryogenic temperatures, ambient temperatures, limit switches, 4-20 milliamp signals, 0-10 volt signals and magnetic fields. Though designed to improve the monitoring of high-geared and linearly-actuated ball valves used in rocket propulsion testing, to more accurately predict valve life span and premature failure, its use is not limited to valves, and can be used to monitor the operational data of any suitable structure, such as the temperature in a particular location in a building, or the strain at a specific point on a bridge.

Smart: Asynchronous, one-way, wireless communication and a laminated piezoelectric sheet enables highly sensitive vibration detection.
Precise: Data events are logged and time stamped for synchronization within one millisecond, enabling synchronization with high speed data acquisition systems and cameras.
Compact: Each sensor is encapsulated in a small package that can be mounted in confined locations.
Rugged: Designed for a Class 1 Division III explosive environment; units are monitored to safeguard against temperature extremes.
Power Saving: The laminated piezoelectric sheet produces a voltage to wake the microprocessor from sleep mode without requiring power from the sensor unit’s batteries.
Efficient Data Handling: Monitors data events associated with performance and failure, reducing unnecessary data accumulation, storing, transmitting and interpretation.

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