Pre Essembled Hermetic Chip Carrier

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Pre-assembled hermetic chip carrier for MMIC or ASIC or general purpose chips silicon base or quartz or other type electronic circuit chips.The advantage is that the chip carrier design is pre wired with lead wires pre bonded to the chip carrier itself that contact the pads of the chip itself when inserted.The fully pre assembled chip carrier is designed to be hermetically sealed after chip installed and the base applied.To use one simply unpacks the chip carrier then places the chip inside with the correct orientation then places the other half of the chip carrier on and close together the two halfs both the top and the bottom half and then socket tests the Assembly for chip performance for electrical and RF and possibly logic.The method of creating the hermetic seal is the use of special precision made components using a special alloy including gold and indium and others.The metal alloys are placed on mating sides along the internal edges of the pre engineered chip carrier that when mated achieve a hermetic seal.The chip carrier includes a high strength glass window.The window can be placed on ether the top or the bottom of the chip carrier design.The advantages of this kind of chip carrier is that it is practical to set up and package any quantity of chips after selecting the one needed with the correct pin out and suitable specification such as the window being on the top or the bottom side.The process of packaging chips can be dramatically shortened in time because the wire bonder is not needed also the chip over mold process is not needed it is sometimes not used in MMIC chips anyway due to impedance issues but even in ordinary chips that can use standard packaging it is a real time saver as well as the convenience of testing and inspecting the chips and when they pass immediately packaging them after sawing and cleaning them. Then because of the window the chips can then be further inspected and tested.The window also allows the package to be used for sensors including small antenna or cameras of various designs The chip carrier is a DFN QFN style surface or socket mounted design.The material the chip carrier is of is made of is a ceramic and metal material construction.It is also possible to substitute a polymer packaging material and use a transparent polymer material but that may be less hermetic through.Once essembled after testing the chip is ready to go in the protype or product and is ready for testing or use.


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