Intelligent Wheel Chair

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The goal of this Project is to be able to recognize different emotions in EEG by the
use of a computer and signal processing. By recognizing it the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is developed for a machine to react to humans emotions. This project deals with the brain wave detecting sensor that would sense and transfer the EEG signal through the wireless Bluetooth channel. The EEG waves are sensed and the spectrogram of that wave is feature extracted for further analysis. By creating the idea of the spectrogram of the waves from the EEG to categorize the emotion of the person under study. According to the emotion of the person the machine would react. In this project machine would react to emotions like attention, meditation and eye blink. Machine reacts in the way like if the person is under attention then it makes the robot to move forward and the same way for eye blinks it would add some more controls like making the robot move right or left side. And also the RF based remote control will be used if in case the above said setup fails.


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  • Name:
    Hameem Shanavas
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    Team members:
    Abishek Patil, Avnish Roy, Girish G, Abhishek Kaushik
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