Ultrasonic Haptic Vision System

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When you’re walking in the hallways, have you ever imagined building an extra cool device, which would enable you to navigate large objects without sight?

Well, let’s meet the ULTRASONIC HAPTIC VISION SYSTEM. It uses an ultrasonic rangefinder that interfaces with the user via tiny vibrating motors and allows the user to wear it on their head.

The main goal of this project is to develop a sixth sensory system that can easily interact with the body in an intuitive way, while keeping the user friendly fashion in the same time. The best part about this device is the user can navigate with the device without using their vision at all!

The rangefinder is rotated by a motor at the top of the hat. It allows the user to take the sensory data at discrete points.


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  • Name:
    Jeeva Bhoopathy
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    Team members:
    Aarekh Prakash, Rituraj Bhusan, Sonal Roy, Supriiya Deka
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