Expandable Cell Phone

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My submission for the contest is an Expandable cell phone which has a feature of expanding its physical size from a cell phone to that of a tablet. This feature will enable the user to carry a small cell phone which is easy to handle but it can be stretched and transform into a tablet whenever required. It sounds good and can serve a lot to the user.

The feature can be enabled in two ways:

1. We can make an extra frame for the expansion, inside or backside of the phone by making some precise electro-mechanical adjustment, which will come out when the user wants to expands his phone for watching a movie or playing a game.

2. We can also manufacture this piece of electronics with a specialised stretchable material which will elongated when required and gets back to its default shape when released.

This design is just an idea, which came out of a daily need of present generation. It will allow us to explore the luxury of both a cell phone and a tablet without even worrying about carrying a big size tablet in pocket.

# It will help when you are stucked somewhere and you wish to access satellite map which is not easy to access on a small screen, so just stretch the device, turn it into a big screen and enjoy the feature.

# The only purpose of implementing this idea is to make a better life with minimising the number of gadgets we carry and optimising the luxury offered by them.

# In future it might be made stretchable up to the size of a TV so we would be able to carry our own TV set in our pockets, doesn't it sound amazing !!!

This is all possible with this device, but we require some research about the right material and the right technology to implement this.


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    Utkarsh Kachhawa
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    The Demand for a compact, all-in-one device, which can be modified at any instant as per the user requirement.
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