"Smart Car Communication System" To Prevent Accidents Caused By Human Error

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There are major Accidents caused by human error and those are still
not preventable. Solution is the "Smart Car Communication System." It’s a “Computer Unit (CU)” which must be fitted in all vehicles. It mainly control Acceleration, Braking, Steering and Signals system of the car. It does activated on sensing risk factor.

Govt. must approve it after reasonable testing result and make it compulsory for all vehicle running on road.
New Car may have a Fully Controllable system means a control unit notify the driver plus take control instantly in case of no action taken. While Existing vehicles need to install "CU" on it that will calculate risk factor and notify driver for any risky moment. It has no control over vehicle system. So driver has to follow the instruction of "CU" carefully to manually reducing risk factor.

This "CU" of a Car remain in contact with all surrounding vehicle within its range by means of wifi and they all work in synchronization. This "CU" is programmed to calculate risk constantly in synchronization with other surrounding cars control unit and get aware in case of overtaking other vehicle, going into opposite Lane, Close Cornering, and instant Braking etc. In case risk factor goes beyond limits this Computer will instantly get control over Acceleration, Braking, Steering and Signal System to minimize the risk factor.

Let’s see some examples.
1).a Car is Following a Bus on Highway. Bus driver hit the Brake pedal due to any reason like road blocking by animal. But driver of the car following bus has no attention towards it. Then "CU" come in action instantly as Car about to cross minimum distance requirement between 2 vehicles on Highway, it already had a signal too from bus ahead of it about brake applied and it also transmit signal to other following vehicles too. Thus series of Accident can be prevent.
2).a Car Following a Truck going on Fast Lane want to overtake it. Car is RH drive and driver has to overtake from the LS of the truck, But he’s unable to see whether there is a vehicle going on that side or not. Actually a truck is already in process of overtaking a container ahead of it, But driver of Car following truck not aware about it, in that case there is high probability of accident, But "CU" of car has already an information about it as it continuously receiving data from those 2 ahead vehicles. So it will notify driver about it and if no action taken by driver to prevent then it will take control over the system instantly to prevent.
3). 1 vehicle is crossing over Cross road connection. 2nd vehicle is coming straight on way at full speed. Crossing vehicle driver unaware about that coming vehicle and about to cross road, but the "CU" has information and it will not allow driver to go further though pushing accelerator pedal.
4).Emergrncy Vehicle Protocol.
It will automatically clear a lane for coming emergency vehicle.


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