Smartphone Falling Impact Protection

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Smartphone falling impact protection, it’s application

Problem Statement
Today’s era is of smartphones, pc-tablets. These gadgets have thin and large touch-screens with very high sensitivity. The major problem with these gadgets is no availability of good protection from damage as they fall from a height. Mostly, the part that gets damaged after falling is its screen which constitutes 60-70% of its overall cost. To save this huge loss, there should be efficient design for these kind of gadgets.

Solution Statement
Impact and change in momentum equation,
F= (mv2-mv1)/t
If v2=0
Then, F=mv/t,
From the equation, as increase in the time of collision, we have less magnitude of force bear by the smartphone/gadget. So, by selecting the suitable technique that can provide t maximum, we can increase the chances to save these gadgets during falling. One of the observation was noted, when smartphone fell down on the grass. During the collision there was no sound, not enough impact, no jerk to smartphone and it was safe.
We can adopt the same technique as like grass, or as air-bag or any other suitable technology to improve the results.

Enclosed air conditioning system

Profile of the Design.

We need an air conditioning unit for the main purpose to provide cooling or heating effect to our (human) body. Instead to cool other objects like appliances, walls etc. Because, as amount of heat add or remove by air conditioning unit increases, load and consumption of electricity increases so, here is unique design of air conditioning unit to achieve aforementioned requirements.

We have bed covered cabin or closed compartment. Covering cabin may have transparent sheet material or translucent etc. as per need. Cabin of the bed has facility to open or close it with help of door or windows.

Also about this design:
It requires a small area, protects us from animals, insect etc. low cooling load and has fast and efficient response.

New wireless coordinate scale,

Profile of the Problem & Solution

Let assume that there is wireless
Scale that have two needles to measure the distance from two ends of object. As there is gap in between the two ends in terms of X, Y, Z coordinates, with the help of suitable technology it can calculate and show exact gap differences, in between two set of coordinates.
(Two needles have ability to find values of x1, y1, z1 & x2, y2, z2 respectively and CPU can measure the gap between the two set of coordinates by subtraction or summation.)


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