Tablet Connector

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Keeping music organized for each individual musician in an orchestra is a chaotic process. Music gets lost or misplaced, pages fall on the floor, pages get out of order. When everyone does get on the same page; the conductor's notations aren't easily shared by all. Already on the market are music software programs that utilize tablets to show scanned copies of music. However; the tablets are too small and the wrong ratio; which for traditional music sheets is 9x12 inches, or 15 inches diagonal. Also, a tablet only shows one page at a time. My proposed "The Connector" is a system consisting of a mating strip allowing two tablets to connect together like a book binding to allow the use of two screens showing two pages of music; the most common arrangement used on orchestra music stands. Existing software and hardware can be used to display the pages and turn the pages with a wifi footswitch. Existing software would be enhanced further by allowing multiple "The Connector" strips to work together wirelessly in a master/slave system; where the conductor is the master and each musician a slave. In this way a conductor can notate his master copy and automatically update each slave. With "The Connector" each musician will have a complete library of music at their fingertips and the orchestra can make beautiful music as one!


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