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In extreme climates, air conditioners can get a huge workout. Summers can be really hard on our system – when air conditioner is operating, dust, dirt and other debris can be drawn in and adversely affect the performance of your unit. So, what happens, and what do you do?

However, no one is looking forward to the high cost of running an air conditioner. During summer, air conditioning accounts for approximately 30% of all energy bills. Since you still have a few weeks before it gets hot, this is the ideal time to be strategic about your air conditioner efficiency.

The biggest problem with a dirty system is that dust can collect on both condenser coil and evaporator. Then it’s prevented from either releasing or absorbing heat. AC unit works harder, and it doesn’t cool effectively. It can also blow dirt particles into your house, and that can be harmful to people who have allergies or asthma. In fact, dirty air can actually CAUSE asthma.

When this happens, your system has to be cleaned. You can prevent buildup of dust and dirt, though, by making sure to change your air filter often. Don’t let dust and dirt build up to the point where it becomes a problem.
Reduced energy costs: According to EPA, you can save about 10-15% of your energy costs by regularly cleaning your HVAC system. When clogged air filters receive less air flow, this makes the system work extra hard to keep you cool or warm. Cleaning the unit regularly ensures your system is energy efficient thus saving you money.

The other problem is, most of the home owners are usually careless or might forget to clean the air filter of the AC. CleaMe is coming to solve the problem. CleaMe will give a warning to the home owners to tell them that the air filter is now need to be cleaned or replace with the new one. With this, home owners will save more cost for energy consumption of their air conditioner system.


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    Tonie Mbuik
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    CleaMe is actually inspired by my own experience due to increasingly bill of electrical consumption each month. I was finally aware that it is actually caused by the wasteful electrical energy consumed by AC that has dirty air filter.
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