Fixture Suitable For Piling Kelly Bar Maintenance

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Construction industry shows a 70% gross domestic fixed capital formation and 8% from Gross Domestic products. Some key features they mentioned are annual growth in construction industry in 2010 compared to 2009. Share of construction increased in 2010 compared to 2002. Growth was mainly by large scale projects in North and Eastern province and 7% total population for construction industry.

This mounting is very useful to mentioned companies. This will save lot of fuel, money, time and energy. Due to currently they use tedious methods to repair maintenance. In the point of view I working company this will create new production opportunities form the waste materials and to buying company, low cost mounting. This uses several concepts that can manufacture in environment friendly manner to user friendly way.

So from the design works and above discussion it is obvious there is a potential need that needed to be activated. This a specially designed Kelly Bar mount for the repair and maintenance of the Kelly Bar.

Piling is primary requirement of a huge building and large forces are involved. In Sri Lanka there are couple of the Piling construction companies. Some are very old. Daily we can see Piling works are carried out. These industries uses Kelly bar most of the time frequently. So, there is a huge place for this kind of mount in Sri Lanka as well as abroad.

This project mainly for the Kelly bar maintenance work. But this can also be used for other purposes such as repair of large heavy cylindrical Pipes and axi-symmetric parts such as large crank shafts, barrels, statues, blades, trees any kind of shaft that do not have even surfaces. This is specially designed to Kelly bar. But larger diameter less than 500 ton can mount easily. With the further improvement this weight taking load can be increased more than 1000 tons with the use of multiple mounts and other factors.



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