Automatic Pipe Expander Machine

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Various machines are used for expanding opening section of the pipe. This automated machine is used to expand the end section of a circular tube or pipe with the help of forming process. This machine works on three hydraulic cylinders out of which one is used for holding the tool and the other one is used for expanding action of the pipe i.e. pushing the tool into the opening section of the pipe or tube and the last cylinder is used for ejecting the pipe and then works for the replacement of the pipe. Based on the required size we can change the diameter of the mandrel accordingly. This machine can be used for manufacturing pipe such as exhaust manifold, for joining purpose, for HVAC and more according to expansion or need. This process doesn’t require any environment or temperature this process can be carried out in any environment without any problem so any material can be used for this operation.

Pipe Expansion uses a metalworking procedure to increase a size of end section of the tube as compared to actual size of the tube. This procedure creates brilliant tubing with exact measurements, great surface completion, and the included quality of cool working.

[1] Because it is so adaptable, tube drawing is suitable for both vast and little scale production.
[2] This purposed model is designed with the help of SolidWorks that is 3D software used for designing purposes. Tthe purpose of this work is to design pipe expansion machine which is used for expanding the end section of the pipe.


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