Automatic Tyre Inflation System

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The overall goal of this design project is to develop a system that will decrease tyre-wear while improving fuel economy, performance and safety of a passenger vehicle through dynamically adjustable tyre pressures. The system serves to solve a fairly common problem of improperly inflated tyres, which also are the cause of many road accidents, thereby increasing safety of the passengers.

The system mainly consists of four components, namely, Rotary Union, Pressure Switch, Solenoid Valve and Portable Compressor. As soon as the tyre pressure goes below the set lower limit, the Pressure Switch sends an electrical signal to the Solenoid Valve and the Compressor. Compressed air flows through the Rotary Union into the tyre thus inflating the tyre. As soon as the higher set limit of the pressure switch is reached the switch shuts off and the circuit breaks.

The striking component that makes this system almost universal is the mild steel plate on which the rotary union is mounted. By mounting the rotary union from the outer side of the wheel, the system does not hamper the already manufactured design of the car in any manner. Thus, be it a front wheel drive or a four wheel drive, this automatic system can be clamped onto any passenger car and works just as well! Using a distribution block this system can be extended to all the four wheels of any passenger car, thus enabling the common man to avail the facilities provided only in commercial vehicles or high-end cars, at an extremely reasonable price.

Along with efficient functioning of the system, the aesthetic considerations are equally important. The portable compressor fits into the boot of the car and the air channels are snugly fit from under the body, so that all that is to be seen is a mere rotary union mounted on the wheel inflating the tyre. All in all, a low-cost automatic system that makes life easier by saving you from the tedious task of getting tyre pressure checked regularly and definitely safer as it reduces the chance of accidents due to improper tyre pressure to a great extent.

The illustrations show the actual mounted rotary joint, the working diagram of the system and the plate used for mounting the rotary union.


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    Surbhi Raval
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    AUTOCAD for designing the mounting plate.
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