Surgical Assistant Manipulator Platform

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The SAMP is a robotic platform whose objectives are to perform small tasks ranging from transportation of materials and documents to monitoring and assisting in surgical procedures, in an effort to relieve the nurse from doing those jobs, when they can be engaged in more critical applications around the healthcare facility. The SAMP contains a 2 body system which is the manipulator and platform base. The single armed manipulator allows the robot to perform simple tasks like stabilization of materials, holding equipment and documents, etc. Whereas the base, which is portable, allows for 360 degree motion throughout any facility. A speaker and camera are also added in between the 2 robotic bodies to allow for voice operation and motion monitoring during times of surgical operation.



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    Marcus Herndon
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    Marcus Herndon
    Scott Jagolinzer
    Jovany Iglesias
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    All of the times I have waited in a medical facility for 30 minutes to an hour, just to have the nurse or doctor hand me a document or give a simple test in 3 minutes. This is to save time for things like that, while also being useful in more extreme surgical measures.
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    SolidWorks 2014
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