Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System

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Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System

Quadcopter drone technology exists that is capable of performing many tasks to assist people in everyday life. The missing element is to provide a hanger pod on a vehicle so that the drone is taken to and deployed from any location without physical intervention from the user. This may be an aftermarket add-on unit or provided by the OEM.
With communication tied into the vehicle GPS, the drone can stream video to provide FPV on a split screen control unit. Many tasks can be performed and the drone may be deployed while vehicle is moving at lower speeds. Some tasks include but are not limited to:
1. Parking location and highlighting at night.
2. Parking assist with FPV to avoid collision.
3. Security scanning of areas ahead.
4. Traffic alert and route alternative location
5. Nighttime illumination and address location
6. Airport car locater and guide from terminal
7. Carjack deterrent and video capture
8. Many other tasks…

The hanger/pod will open with an automatic door to deploy the drone. It will be equipped with a landing pad target for drone to home in for landing. It will recharge whenever it is in the hanger/pod.
Many commercial uses are also possible with autonomous drones. The use of drones for package delivery is becoming a reality by Amazon and others but in limited areas.

These systems could be extended well beyond the limited range of the drones from the fulfillment center by use of Multi-Drone Delivery Trucks. (see illustration) Trucks will be automatically loaded with boxes into ques on conveyors to deliver them to the drone pick point in the roof of the truck. When the truck is driven to its delivery zone, drones will be deployed to drop packages, return and repeat until all are delivered. The driver will be directed on the optimal path to deploy and retrieve drones by the logistics system.

Search and Rescue could be accomplished with a truck equipped with a swarm of drones deployed to search a designated area. The swarm would follow and record a grid to ensure every inch of ground is covered. Likewise law enforcement could use this swarm to search out fugitives. This could dramatically reduce the time to search remote areas for lost persons possibly saving lives.

The uses of this system can be endless and may only be discovered once they are commercially available. The technology is available, we need only to take the next step and integrate these together to produce the Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System.


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