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Conventional exoskeletons are powered by a system of motion sensors and hydraulics, various problems like:

1. Very high cost of these parts result in high maintenance and electric power supply and these issues are still to be resolved.
2. Due to high production cost of these exoskeleton many industries and local human cannot afford them.

Hence we came up with ‘CAP’ EXOSKELETON, which is one of it's kind, who's frame is made up of CRC Tube and for movement we have used Pneumatic Cylinder operated by compressed air.

Our exoskeleton is better than the conventional ones, in many aspects, such as:

1. The production cost is very less, almost $190 / Rs. 12,000.
2. Simple design and easy repairing/servicing.
3. Since this project is not under any computer control, the user becomes an integral part in the right decisions regarding its usage.
5. Due to its simplicity it can be MANUFACTURED and can be AFFORDED by industries (small or big) and also by local people for there day to day work.
6. This exoskeleton works on compressed air, hence the major power source is CHEAP and EASILY available, as compressed air is used in every industry in some or the other way.
7. It allows a person to WALK , SQUAT and CARRY loads (tested up to 55 Kg / 121 lbs) over considerable distances without reducing wearer’s agility, ultimately increasing their physical effectiveness.
8. Since it is a prototype, with further research it can be used to help the physically different people and acquire them with the strength to perform daily human tasks.


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