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I have been designing and developing a starter educational system for beginners and young children to learn how to design and build their own toys, robotics and animatronics. The whole system is very nearly language independent and only requires color sight to use the eBook and RoboGuts circuit board with their own choice of µController chip or module.

RoboGuts is a small 50mm x 75mm circuit board that allows the user to use almost any µController chip or module they want 28-pins or less. RoboGuts has standard 3-pin hobby connections to every pin on the µController chip sockets (narrow and wide) so connecting to peripheral devices is just plugging in the common cables. There is also a single row of female headers on each side for jumper wire connections to the µController chip sockets. Also on board is a socket for the SpeakJet speech/sound chip and another set of sockets to plug in a small on board audio amplifier to help keep the whole system small and compact so it will fit into many home hobby projects or even professional displays.

The idea of the RoboGuts circuit board is that with my simple to use eBooks the user need not even know the English language to make initial connections, copy/paste programming code for a few of the more popular µController chips and modules and learn how different devices and peripherals, motors, LEDs etc... connect and work so they can learn how to design and build their own home hobby projects ... get the users started in home hobby robotics.

Along with buying the eBook comes 3D printer files to print the kits that are at the back of the eBooks to print and build their own robot kits.

Rather than having larger µController boards with a lot of peripheral devices that are either used one or two times or never used, the RoboGuts board allows people to focus on a project and only need one less expensive µController chip/module programmer.



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