Saving time in shaper machining process

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Shaper machining is a famous mechanical operation that cuts the metal into different shapes .

Shaper machine has two strokes one is called forward stroke and the other is the return stroke .

The first stroke ( forward) is the effective one because it has the ability to remove from the metal but the return stroke was always non-effective because on it's way the metal is already removed that was waste of time because we only take advantage of the forward stroke that is what i have decided to try find a solution for.

The mechanical design for the matter is very simple it's based on a famous mechanical mechanism called (geneva wheel ) .

My idea is to use the geneva wheel mechanism to move the table that holds the work piece Intermittent movement as following.

After the shaper cutting tool makes the forward stroke the table will move to right before the shaper cutting tool makes the return stroke . Now the return stroke will find anew metal to remove because it will now return through the same way of the forward stroke now the return stroke will be effective which saves about 50% of time that is required for machining any work piece .


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