mechanical walking tiger

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Mechanical walking tiger is a robot that can carry 100 kgs of weight. It means we can sit on it and can ride it. it consists of a 110cc petrol engine which can pull or carry heavy loads. Carrying heavy loads becomes possible by this 110cc petrol engine by assembling it to 30:1 gear box. This gear box reduces the output speed and increases its torque to maximum. Power is transmitted from the gear box to the shafts by the chain drives. The required perpendicular motion is transformed from one shaft to another by bewel gears. Just like a four wheel drive the power is transmitted to front legged shaft by universal joints.

For turning the robot into the required direction, front two legs are assembled on the fork. Turning axis can be changed by twisting the handle provided at the top of head.

lenght=5 feet 6 inches
width=2 feet
fuel type : petrol
This robot is specially designed for creating interest in students by taking this robot to science and technology shows, exhibitions and project expos.



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    Kranthi Kiran
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    having thought that to create interest in robotics to others
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