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This machine picks up to 18 inches of top soil (9 feet wide) with a vibrating blade. It is fed onto a conveyor belt that feeds soil into a set of disks that breaks it up. Then it is fed into a microwave oven on a continues conveyor belt, where microwaves kill all living organisms in the soil (can't kill the bad without killing the good). Then it is fed by some soil samplers where it is tested for nutrients (lime for crops being planted, iron, etc.). Then it is fed under the good stuff bins, where nutrients are added, microbes to break down organic matter into fertilizer, nitrogen fixers, etc. You can also add pods of earth worms, lady bugs, praying mantises,etc. then it is fed out the back where seeds are planted or drilled.

Advantages: one trip across the field which saves fuel, time and money. it does other things (with attachments) like bail hay in one minute, thrash and dry grain, lay irrigation pipe, dig ditches, etc. Since it is amphibious it doesn't need roads or bridges.

It is also a hybrid; if you have to you can sink it to lay foot valves for irrigation, using batteries and remote control. Most of it is modules that can be removed so you can haul wood, hay, etc. Under flood conditions you can rescue cows from the north 40, etc.

At the end of the day you can take it home an plug it into a wall socket to charge up for the next day. Of course it uses gprs while in the fields. If you get totally fed up you can put on a canopy and good fishing!!!

Objectives: double food production on the same amount of land used now or less, without the use of pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers.

Results: keep from tearing up any more of our environment and save our rain forest!!!

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    Billy Marshall
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    i am a farmer! spent 20 years in the military in radar maint.
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