Digital Robotic Hand Controller Glove

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This is a glove to enable a human operator to directly command movements of the robotic hand. It utilizes the flexible linear encoders, positioned at the joints, measuring the movements of each of the 25 axis's of movement for transmission to the telepresence robot's computer.

The telepresence robot will be equipped with sensors to detect contact with an object and transmit that detection back to the human operators computer to stop the humans joint movement by using a set of 25 piezoelectric cylinders to provide the haptic sensation.

The glove will be made in standard sizes to allow multiple people, one at a time, to control the robotic hand. The advantage of the digital glove is to allow easy transfer of control between different operators by a simplified calibration procedure that would scale the digital counts per degree of movement of the human operator's joints and the robotic hand that can be as small as a 3 year old or as large as necessary.


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    Randolph Garrison
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    I saw a remote surgical demonstration on Beyond 2000 and felt it was very over complicated. Finding the hex pod design would produce a high degree of movement, that if combined with my inexpensive linear encoder and an internal piezoelectric pumps.
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