Folding Ladder Of Height 50-60 Mtrs For Fire Brigade Which Enables Entry On Narrow Road

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There are numerous high rise buildings in most cities situated either by narrow lanes or only their front sides face the main (wide) road and the other three sides face narrow lanes. lf fire breaks out in such narrow lanes facing buildings, much time is required to douse or control it, because presently-used 50-60 mtrs ladder-Loden vehicle can not enter into that lanes, leading to huge casualty through spreading the never-ending fire flames to other adjaust high-rise building. Such an incident has already happened a few month ago in Kolkata (lndia). To address this problem, l have invented such system by which 50-60 mtrs or more high ladder-loden vehicle can enter into those narrow lanes.

This system may be of cylindrical or cubical shaped and will be stabilised or fitted on a mini truck. At first, 5-6 mm diameter iron / aluminium rod made cylindrical or cubical both top and bottom side opened 15'-2O' height cage is constructed and is strongly fitted on the platform of a . mini-truck. Then regularly decreased (4"-6") diameter or lengthed and regularly increased (4"-6") heightened cages are placed into one-another cages. (fug-3), and the diameter/lenqth of cages is one foot (1'). No cages except the outer-mort one will be attached with platform of the minitruck. There are many centrally hold folding metal plates fitted at the upprer and lower sides of the cages, so that the cages can be fitted on the other cages.

Besides on the inner-mort cage, which is to be placed at the top; a thick metal sheet (6'x6'or 8'x8') is to be fitted, which functions as a platform during rescue operation ; and on which a revolving basket- fitted ladder (Fig- 6) a basket:fitted pulley for carrying as well as materials for the affected buildings (Fig- 6),etc utensils are required to be fixed.

where fire breaks out, this system-carrying mini-truck, two mini cranes and fire-brigade are required to be send at the spot. At first, the rescue team-members are required to platform fit the sheet and then the required utensils are to be fitted on the platform sheet. After that the hose-pipe out let of the fire brigade is to be anchored with the platform-sheet and the team members are to take their position on the ground i level ;i.e. at I the platform of the mini truck. Then with the help of Cranes, that are placed on the front and back side of the truck respectively . the cages are to be pulled and fitted with the folding metal prate with nut-bolts respectively by climbing on the cages themselves(fig- 5).For this ,the rescue team members are not required to change their position. After fitting all cages the rescue team-members start their- rescue operation by climbing on the revolving ladder.


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