Assembly Immersion Control

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Department of Automation and Robotics in Mechanical Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University had completed design Assembly Immersion Control for I-DEAL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH.

Assembly Immersion Control use for nondestructive inspection mechanical engineering products.

Assembly is a welded modular construction from three parts.
1 part is a model with water container and mobile desk.
2 part is a model with system filtration.
3 part is a model with robot Kuka.
Robot use for ultrasonication mechanical engineering products.

In the process, created a three-dimensional model of the assembly, the design documentation, as well the Assemby Immersion Control.
Design, modeling and assembling had completed for 4 months.

Advantages of design:
-Low metal consumption
-Unique design

Technical characteristics:
-overall dimensions: 2200?1000?1980 mm;
-weight-1080 kg;
-container volume - 0,4 m3;
-robot KUKA - KR 10 R1100.

The price of the Assembly Immersion Control is 34000$.


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    Andrey Ermolaev
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    Sotnikov Nikolay Nikolaevich - director;
    Ermolaev Andrey Vladimirovich - student
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    Aspiration to the future
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    Solidworks 2014
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