Electrically activated fluid-powered Muscle Simulator System

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The system initiates as a balanced system, if the command to open the power level determined is controlled by the second input. The working-fluid is heated according to the set profile. The working-fluid vapor fills and expands the inner container. The power-fluid is forced from the container into the external expanding container by this action. Once movement is canceled or reaches its limit, the control valve locks the transfer between the container and the exterior expanding container. This allows the system to hold position indefinitely without the use of dynamic-kinetic energy. Once the command is given to close, the control valve is opened, allowing the power-fluid to return to the inner container freely, as the limb is retracted by the action of an opposite muscle unit. Multiple movements are no problem, and the response is in the milliseconds.

The unit is light-weighted and may be miniaturized to the level, as to make a fully operable wrist and hand using 24 muscle units spaced on the forearm. A small amount of energy is stored in case operation is required without the power-control input. The description by mathematical model, which is utilizing standard and most modern approaches and solutions of theory and practice of differential equations in partial derivatives, is also included.

And semi-transparent view is provided displaying the major components within the system. A single-chip processor controls each muscle system.

A polyester cable is routed longitudinally over the exterior expanding container. It is fixed to the limb behind the muscle then is routed through a fulcrum to the target limb. It functions similarly to a tendon.


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