Low Cost Quake Proof Shelter

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Low cost quake proof shelter is meant for locations that have a history of earthquakes and also in high quake risk zones. The idea here is for governments and NGOs to build the shelters for poor people who bear the brunt of quakes due to improperly built dwelling units.

The construction of the shelter is simple. It consists of circular and hollow steel pipes commonly used for piping. Suitable diameter of pipes can be planned for a particular type of house based on design calculation.The pipes are welded together closely so that the pipes are touching together and does not get separated. Suitable strengthening ribs can also be welded. The tubes are welded to form a cage type as shown in the images. With one side, as image show,s having a sliding pipe door for entry and exit. Once welded and a cage type is formed ( this can be used for dual purposes like table, almirah etc. so that it forms a part of home furniture). Any gaps left out due to welding can be sealed using proper sealing. The size of the cage can be sufficient enough for 4 people to sit close and breathe easily. The shelter can also used for storing emergency supplies including whistles, first aid kit, oxygen bottles and water/food. Under-neath the shelter , we can have heavy rubber tyres to cushion the impact. The hollow tube means further strengthening of the shelter can be done by suitable filler material. The height of the shelter can be raised to the roof of the house so that it also forms as support.

In the unfortunate event of an earthquake and assuming there is sufficient/insufficient time to move around, the people in the house can rush to the shelter, slide the door open and house themselves , sliding the door shut. In case the damage to the property is severe with collapse of house, the people in shelter can be safe until their rescue.

The system works like this.
1. An assessment of houses are made at high risk quake zones.
2. Based on the no. of occupants and condition of the buildings/houses, the shelter can be built for sufficient strength.
3. The raw materials used in this concept is cheaper and so is its manufacturing.
4.Hence this shelter can be provided to all poor people/most of the population

Uses :
1. Useful for saving human lives/limbs in earth quake situations
2. Particularly useful when after shocks are likely to be experienced in localities of recent earth quakes.
3. Modifications of this shelter can be used for surviving in Tsunami. Having helium filled balloons in the hollow tube should also help in surviving Tsunamis. With suitable drive mechanisms the shelter can be guided to high grounds.

Patent : This product is a free of patent and can be used on condition that if there is commercial interest it should serve for the poor at no cost. To the best of my knowledge no similar product exists


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