Safety Shift

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Why Safety Shift? Safety Shift saves lives, time and money by helping road crews rapidly set up and remove traffic barrels, channelizers and related traffic control equipment.

Save Lives – How Safety Shift saves lives: Nearly 700 road workers died in hot zones along U.S. highways in 2013 moving barrels by hand. Safety Shift, patent-pending, saves lives by allowing road workers to use their trucks to move barrels (keeping workers in an enclosed truck 14 feet away from traffic instead of standing four feet from speeding motorists). Safety Shift is a simple-to-use system that attaches to a standard pickup truck.

Save Time – How Safety Shift saves time: Road crews can move several barrels and channelizers at a time, traveling up to 15 mph rather than manually grabbing each barrel and channelizer by hand.

Save Money – How Safety Shift saves money: Setting up and removing barrels more quickly – finishing jobs faster – earns companies bonuses. Most states reward work crews for beating deadlines and penalize them for being late. Fewer traffic delays increase everyone’s productivity.

Developed by Clinton Twp.- Michigan based Synergy Fabricated Innovations LLC, the Safety Shift system was first tested in Louisiana. A contractor needed two men to spend 2.5 hours per day setting up road barrels and another 2.5 hours taking them down. Thanks to Safety Shift, crews could quickly set up and take down the barrels in a fraction of the time while working in a safer environment saved time and money.

How Safety Shift works: Safety Shift easily connects to a pickup (on the same mechanism where you would connect a snow plow). Safety Shift folds for easy transporting from one job site to another.



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