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We know one simple law in Physics, the law of conservation of angular momentum. The law states that the angular momentum of the body or system of bodies remains conserved if no external torque acts on it. If ‘I’ is considered as moment of inertia of the body or system of body under angular momentum consideration and ‘w’ is considered as the angular velocity of the body .


So if the moment of inertia of the body changes the angular velocity changes accordingly. As IW=constant so I and w are both inversely proportional. If the moment of inertia increase the angular velocity decreases and if the moment of inertia decreases the angular velocity increases.

So if the moment of inertia of the body is half the initial the angular velocity becomes double.

So this phenomenon can be used in the machines having rotating links such as motors. we can manipulate the moment inertia of shaft and MISWING assembly and can achieve speed control of motors we can also apply this logic to many machines because almost all machines have rotating links.

MISWING is actually is an attachment to the rotating body so as to change in moment of inertia of the MISWING and body assembly.

MISWING consist of four springs which need to be computer controlled for the change in compression and extension parameter in spring by this while by compressing springs we can achieve reduction in moment of inertia and by extension of the spring we can achieve increase in moment of inertia of the rotating bodies

Suppose we attached the MISWING to hollow   motor shaft from inside it and we compressed the spring by half of it natural length we can get four times the angular speed than normal. By this we can easily achieve higher speeds in machines without any extra energy inputs.

Currently many machines have speed controlling by gears assembly which makes machine heavy and costly. The MISWING can revolutionize this problem from the base. The concept of change in moment of inertia can be very useful in many fields.  MISWING can be designed for propellers also that can change there shape and by that change in moment of inertia this can be used in airplanes powered by propellers.



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