Adaptive Home Automation

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The project deals with the development of a home automation system.

Watching the market I recognized that the common so called smart home seems to be nothing more than a collection of devices which are remotely controlled by your smartphone.

In times when local authorities have more control over your smartphone than you, in times when hacking your smartphone is much easier than lock-picking the whole idea doesn't sound that smart.
It seems there is a market gap so big that the whole world fits in.

I think what is needed here is something like that:
• a home automation system which recognizes its users contactless
• real automation instead of remote controlling
• no wearables (smartphone, Smartwatch, RFID-chip) required
• face recognition leads to granting of access rights
• person tracking enables granting / denial of access rights close to the users’ actual location
• self-sustaining system without the need of being connected to the internet (and hence without the chance to compromise the system)
• a learning system able to recognize different users and their individual habits
• adapts personally to each user
• voice and / or gesture controlled
• menus with available options are displayed / projected close to every accessible device
• 24 / 7 monitoring of the whole facility
• collected data of the users is kept safe in the system
The money is used to build a model plant and for the necessary research and development (some universities and more or less smaller companies are involved)
• finding the right location (the project can be realized worldwide) => I have working experience abroad and even experience with foreign authorities
• some of the needed technologies are still in development (kickstarters...) => I have to use "older" (but working) technologies
• the project is open-ended due to continuous improvement of the system


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