Automation In Coconut Powder Making: A Concept

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Agriculture is the main revenue resource for many states in India. But labor community is more attracted towards new opportunities and higher pay hence the strength of the labor community is reduced. This is affecting the small scale industries such as coconut powder making industries. Today’s agriculture industry requires new methods to improve efficiency of production by replacing the laborer with intelligent machines. Robotics and artificial intelligence technology is one of the possibilities to get improved efficiency. The robots and the entire setup should be able to work like human in coconut powder making industry and gain the desired result far greater than the human. In this project, the development of automation system is done with the help of robots and smart intelligence technology where the entire process from coconut hard shell removing to its powder form with the help of an armed robot with customized design end effectors and intelligent conveyor system for the easy movement of the coconut. This can be utilized to improve the efficiency, reduction in production cost and labor issues.

The proposed machine will replace the human work completely. The shell removed coconut from the container will be passed to the conveyors. Further those coconuts will be passed through the conveyor which has the cup shapes on it which help the coconut to be placed in it. And armed robot will pick the coconut and force towards the coconut hard shell remover. Further work is carried by the skin remover and the elevator, Mobile robot carrying Bucket and track system, which carry coconut to the heater. The main part of the system is data processing and control unit which control and coordinate all the operation of the system. Various sensors are necessary to check the presence of the coconut; these sensors are connected to the data connection unit which acquires various data from sensor.

The control unit controls the movement of the conveyor, arm of the robot through the actuator controller. The actuator controller has the circuits necessary for controlling the torque of the motor, throttle, movement of the arm and conveyors and programming is done accordingly. The skins peeling heat treatment process and powdering process are not considered in this project.

The system can completely avoid the human work in the powder making industry by having a armed robot which can remove the hard shell of the coconut where the coconut nut is passed though the conveyors which is controlled by intelligence technology hence the problem of labor scarcity can be addressed and labor safety concern is solved. A plantation can be neatly maintained. Since the machines do not tier and can work any amount of time irrespective of the climate condition production rate will be dramatically increased.


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