Residential Portable CNC Hydraulic Robot Assistant

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Built with similar architecture of a fork lift.

Except: much lighter and designed for loads of 200-400 pounds. Can be disassembled and assembled easily. Has reprogrammed functions and pendant controlling, learning operations. Fork can be replaced with multiple types of arms, limps, extensions for specific task. Arms have tool modules that can perform different task or connect to different existing power tools that a small construction company has or a "do it your selfer". Maybe electric motor to assist with pushing or pulling. Over all weight of this new agepower tool should be 200-400 pounds. Or lighter models depending on design and load specifications, say a max 100 pound version for simply lifting a bag of cement into the truck bed.

This tool should be able to be versatile and have models specific for type of labor to assist in. Be apble to hold a picture frame in one position, hold seiling tile up, give worker an elevated position, hand nails, or other materials, become a portable, multi power tool station.


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    Jacinto Zulueta
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    Previous designs, nature, and the cosmos.
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