Automatic Bill Payer Machine

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The AUTOMATIC BILL PAYING MACHINE or BILL COUNTER AUTOMATION is used to reduce the human intervention of paying bills in shops and toll gates where a person has to be there to receive the cash and return the balance. But my idea in this machine is TO RECEIVE THE MONEY AND RETURN THE BALANCE (if any) TO THE CUSTOMER AUTOMATICALLY.

For this, I use the principle of ATM for receiving and dispensing cash. The Indian currencies are differentiated by their lengths at entry by optic sensors and checked for counterfeit currency by ultraviolet lamps as prescribed by RBI. The cash is received and dispensed by use of three soft rollers rotating in opposite directions, first and second for intake and second and third for dispensing. The cash received is kept aside till transaction is successfully completed or else dispensed thereby. The received cash is stored in different chambers according to its dimensions and denominations. It is retrieved for delivery by suction handle operated by micro controller and counted for the correct amount and dispensed through the respective outlet. Sensors for reading temperature, humidity, and alarm buzzers are fitted for safety purposes. The bar code scanner is used to read bill amount for transactions. The screens displays details like bill amount, amount paid, balance (if any) etc..

This idea of mine is not available commercially. Its advantages which I sense are
1) No long queues in bill counters
2) Saves lot of time
3) Avoids counterfeit currency circulation and careless cash dispense

Any ideas of improving this idea to a better one are warmly welcomed!!


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