Active Baggage Handling System

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Our project is a solution for improving the present form of ‘Baggage handling system’ at airports. The main objective of our project is to create a system which is error free (zero error probability) and is faster than the present system.

For this we are promoting use of RFID tags on baggage and tickets instead of barcode tags. But the main focus of our project is on the arrival side where passengers have to get their luggage from baggage carousel (revolving conveyor belt) which leads to situations like passengers picking up wrong baggage, baggage getting stolen and sometimes baggage are put on wrong carousel (by airport staffs).

So our project aims at ensuring that the passengers get their luggage without any confusion and without much waiting. Another aspect of this project is that the passengers get to choose the carousel for collecting their bags. This will reduce crowd around the carousels (which is a common sight in modern airports) as passengers would mostly prefer least crowded area.

We got inspired for this particular project due to problems faced by the passengers of Pune Airport and we were asked by the airport employees to find a solution for the same and we found the solution for this by using RFID technology.


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