A Novel Method For Self Regulated Coil Winding Machine

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The conventional coil winding machine winds copper wire onto a former (winding fixture). The number of slots in the former depends upon the design class of the motor. Mechanical counters are used to count the number of turns wound up on the former. The former is attached to the sliding arm which is actuated manually. As motors are the basic need for all operation requiring automation, the stator winding becomes the growing and essential process in automation solutions. The type of wire used in the motors of submersible pump differs from the rest.

The proposed design of the project consists of a fully automated coil winding machine. It winds the coil within the slots of the former. The number of slots and windings per slot are customized. The winding is done by suitable methodology using various components. The three phase geared induction motor actuates the rotation of sliding arm with suitable belt and pulley arrangement. Proximity sensor is used to count the number of turns of the sliding arm.

Shifter assembly consist of series of nylon pulleys to maintain tension and linear alignment .The ball screw mechanism is used for precise slot shifting, and it is driven by stepper motor. The tension unit is used to maintain the constant tension throughout the process. The machine is controlled by the PIC16F877A microcontroller. The required number of turns and slots is given as input through a keypad which is displayed in a LCD. After the process is over, it is notified through a buzzer. The major and the unique scope of this coil winding machine is that both manual and automated process can be integrated in the same machine with low cost and high reliability.


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