Robotic Head To Drill Wells In The Ground By Explosive Charges With The Cumulative Intermediate Medium - Water

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Robotic head to drill wells in the ground by explosive charges with the cumulative intermediate medium - water, allows a very fast drill hole at any ground, an average of approx. 300m -700m ,daily. Basic element of the head is shaped charge explosive ending conical tank with water.

A huge explosion energy is transferred to the cumulative load of water stream that easily penetrates the soil and the hardest rock

It replaces large and expensive traditional drilling rigs.
A large amount of water which is driven by cumulative load, soil and rock hollows and at the same time fills the hole, preventing a possible fire hydrocarbons.
 The head is completely robotic and also allows automatic installation of shaft lining

The head enables easy drill very deep holes / many kilometers / horizontal well.
The head makes it easy to drill holes in the state of weightlessness / in space, eg. on the planetoid /, because there is no torque reaction here


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