Auxiliary Drill Driver

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With an Auxiliary Driver equipped power drill, you can drill a pilot hole and drive a screw in the hole using only one hand!

The Auxiliary Driver is a supplemental drill/driver that works with all power drills, drivers and rotary tools. It is the only product that empowers operators to drill a pilot hole and drive a screw in the hole using only one hand without re-grasping or pause. In addition, there are three versions; the first two are attachable to any drill or rotary tool – each is optimized for different requirements and budgets. The third version is built into the drill or rotary tool as an integral optional driver.

Auxiliary Driver Features, Benefits and Description

Saves Time – Quicker Task/Job Completion
The Auxiliary Driver is much quicker and easier than changing bits or drills between the tasks of pre-drilling and driving a screw or other fastener.

• Save Time – The tasks of pre-drilling and driving a screw is a single, continuous, fluid process. There is no need to change bits, drivers or drills between the two tasks.

Saves Time and Personnel by Reduced Job Staffing
Complete jobs with fewer personnel – many jobs that previously required two persons can now be done with only one.

• Imagine the task of positioning and mounting a prefabricated cabinet on a wall or ceiling. Using the Auxiliary Driver, a lone operator can precisely position a cabinet where needed. With the cabinet held in place with your free hand, you then pre-drill a hole through the cabinet and mounting surface then drive a screw with the extended Auxiliary Driver to secure the cabinet where needed.

Increased Safety
The Auxiliary Driver is safer to use than other alternatives because it reduces falls and injuries.

• Reduces falls by increasing user support and stability. During the entire process of pre-drilling and driving a screw, you can use your free hand for extra support and stability.

Saves Money
The money and time savings provided by the Auxiliary Driver make it a must have tool for every tradesman and DIY enthusiast. The Auxiliary Driver:

• Quickly pays for itself in time savings
• Reduces injuries from falls and inadequate support
• Complete tasks using less personnel
• Results in fewer dropped and lost bits, screws, fasteners and power tools by eliminating bit and driver changes during the process of pre-drilling and driving a screw

Benefits in Restricted Dexterity and Hostile Environments
Since you do not need to fumble with bit changing, re-grasping or two-handed drill and drive operations, this product is invaluable to those who must wear heavy gloves or drive screws and fasteners in hostile environments with restricted dexterity. Here are just a few examples:
• Astronauts
• Deep sea divers
• Arctic technicians
• Operators with only one functional hand (Handicapped)
• Any operator required to wear heavy gloves
• Anyone that must drill holes then drive fasteners in an environment of restricted dexterity or movement

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