Flight Safety Bank-Turn Abacus

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Banking-Turning abacus is a display indicator device counting the number of banks-turns to the/on the left side and number of banks-turns to the/on the right side of yaw rotation in three dimensional pitch nose up-down, nose left or right, and roll left/right, circling left/right and G-Force a one-source quick reference centralizing flight-data for Pilots and correlation display for maintenance assessment applying best overall airframe management extending longevity in flight purposeful assisting personnel early scheduled-unscheduled repair-needs inspections with diagnoses more consistent persistent problem areas identified as either being on left side/one side more-so than on the right side/other side a causative banking-turning with early warning methodology preventing parts failure early wear-out grounding aircrafts unexpectedly designed innovation use in overall outer-inner body structural stress assessment as a tool-instrument for a jet fighter as few years back military developed a serious maintenance problem aircrafts increased parts issues major failures noticeable during Depot inspections and field repairs one side more-so than other. Discussions were elevated due to monetary repair costs exceeded expectations as budget projections never covered such a serious repair negative expense so recalling my experience flying one-time-only given barf-bag before awarded front-seat Pilot of a T-38 trainer-jet for Pilots prepositioned Moody AFB Summer Camp as a Cadet NCA&T State University AFROTC lifted off once airborne free like a bird flying controlling banking-turning left/right pitching nose up-down and rolling left/right mastering yaw axis lateral, vertical and longitudinal until back-seater barfed who took controls then I vomit too I flew that T-38 jet airframe as I wanted and wished for now related that experience developing flight safety improvement maintenance support assistance banking-turning abacus premised on increased costs unknown before causing military and commercial aircraft firms operational maintenance expenses never history so proofed viable due to runways and Naval ship decks never assigned maintenance-flight personnel managing the airframes yaw rotation patterns aircrafts-airframes have structural stress points banking-turning to the/on the left side/same for right side, nor managing discretionary authority whatever Pilots desired banking-turning to the/on the left/right side nor accounting for airframes circling to the/on the left/right and Pilots assigned flights flying same jet each airborne flight or alternates flying any-all no one jet pre-assigned so statistics now reveal the Pilot was a left handed or right handed being what hand more favored the hand on left side or the hand on right side are questions still require farther investigation if no answer provided with developed parts-structure wear-out factors unknown before now identified planned airframe management overall structural awareness-parts integrity projections failures reduced which banking-turning abacus being the management-maintenance tool indicating and recording the number of left bank and right bank turns duration of elapsed minutes of time in association with yaw rotation wing-ailerons and tail-rudder maximizing maintenance checkups for preventive parts unscheduled replacements, failures, maintenance and solidifying inspection integrity for enabling better-additional flight safety maintenance correlation data for instant display of recorded flights data while subsequently maximizes investment, aircraft life span, and extends parts and equipment longevity reducing costs and repair man-hours overall projections.


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