Automated House for Physically Challenged using Wi-Fi

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The physically challenged and elderly suffer a lot of problems in moving here and there. Also now-a-days, the security of physically challenged and old people is less because their homes can easily be attacked by thieves.

Burglary rates in various countries are rising day by day, particularly where old and physically challenged people reside. This is because burglars find it easy to break into houses where old or disabled live and hence this rate is rising alarmingly. Hence, measures should be taken to bring this rate down.

For this, we propose a mobile-based home automation system that consists of a smart phone and a Wi-Fi router without using internet (It does not require internet). The home appliances are controlled by Wi-Fi, which operates according to the user commands received from the smart phone using Wi-Fi direct. In our proposed system the communication between appliances and mobile phone is maintained by Wi-Fi router using Wi-Fi direct and a microcontroller, allowing a user to control and monitor any variables related to the home by using a smart phone. A smart phone application needs to be developed which serves this purpose and acts as an interface between the smart phone and the home variables. Our home variables include: locking and unlocking of doors, control of other home appliances and video surveillance outside home for physically challenged and elderly people.

As our model requires only a Wi-Fi router without an internet connection, it makes our product cost efficient and reliable, there by reducing maintenance costs. Also, with the normal people opting for automated and smart home solutions, our product has a great market value in the future.


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