Recon Robot

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The project is mostly inspired by true circumstances like an Engineer needed in Automation when he is far away, a Doctor needed in a surgery with a team, an Employee having to attend a video conference from far end of the world etc. Recon robot substitutes the presence of a person when there is urgency.

The replacement of human presence is a pressing issue in the ever evolving society. Though many robots are available in the market they are either limited to range or very expensive. This makes them “not an affordable option” and they require delicate usage. Monitoring and surveillance devices drain the power out of the battery reducing the bot’s working capability. Replacement of defective parts is expensive as manufacture of individual parts s not economical.

Recon Robot has a head pit designed to hold a tablet or a phone which helps in receiving the commands from the user who is located at a faraway place (anywhere around the world). Commands can be received/transmitted from the user end android device to the robot end android device through “Data connection/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ DTMF” whereas “Data connection” has the greatest advantage over range. Shaving of extra elements like self balancing, environment monitoring, health monitoring, IP cam, autonomous movement restrains the stress on the battery and gives extra life to the bot. Avoid of these elements makes this bot economical. Firm and slim design of Recon robot balances it well and Auto CAD design helps in easy manufacture of individual parts of the robot. Video streaming eases the navigation.



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