Electromagnetic Engine

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Using electromagnets and magnetic piston in contemporary IC engines is the crux of the idea. Apart from achieving the torque and HP equivalent to the contemporary IC engine, it consumes power equivalent to that of a 12 volt car battery. The benefit is less pollution and it can be integrated with solar cells too.

The concept is as follows: The spark plugs are replaced by tungsten electromagnets and the piston heads are made of permanent magnet. There are four magnetic fins, protruding from the corner of each piston head. These fins go into parallel slits made in cylinder walls, the walls are lined with magnet. The poles of the magnetic fins face the like poles magnets in the slits, hence they repel the fin by equal force, keeping it balanced, even during the operation. The rest of assembly is similar to the typical engines. The pistons go in the cylinders, then they are connected to crankshaft with the help of connecting rods. The piston heads face the electromagnets. At the top dead centre, the surface of piston head is approximately 4mm away from the surface of the electromagnet. The proximity sensors are installed at the bottom of the cylinders. The probes are embedded in the walls, so that there is a quick response. The output of the sensors go to the relays. The relays being an electromechanical switch, in turn connect the electromagnets. The circuit is powered by a normal car battery.

The crank case plays the role of housing all the components. When the electromagnet in cylinder A is activated, it pushes the piston down causing half revolution and causes the piston from the cylinder B to rise up. When the piston of cylinder A reaches BDC, the electromagnet in cylinder A is switched off and the electromagnet of cylinder B is activated, and it pushes the piston from cylinder B till it reaches BDC and it completes the revolution. The switching of electromagnets is done by relays, the signals to the relays are given by proximity sensors and probes.



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