Tele Semi Humaniod Robot

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Our aim is to construct a Tele Semi Humanoid Robot, which acts according to the physical movements of the Operator. We have divided the project into two stages first stage using the robot with wired technique and followed by second stage wireless. Describing the first stage according to movements of human the prototype of human skeletal structure is moved no sensors or any electronic devices used as input only the gesture of operator is taken through the Xbox Kinect, and to the 8 joints of the human skeletal structure (shoulder, elbow, hip and knee on right and left side) servo motors are arranged for the movement and wherein we have successfully completed the stage with minimum errors.
Our second stage is construct a wireless Tele Semi Humanoid Robot where the robot is placed in other place and operator handles the movements of robot with the visuals so as to overcome obstacles etc. In this stage also gestures of the operator are taken as input to the robot no sensors or electronic devices are used.
User ---> Kinect ---> Interface through IP ---> Robot
Main application for the project would be for Defense, Medical, Research works etc
Basic motive of the project is Tele presence and Tele communication .


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    Lohit Donavalli
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