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VARTAKs are a colony of swarm drones capable of working independently to accomplish the tasks. They also are capable of forming fleets whenever there is a possibility during its flight. These are dedicated to serve customers of a distinguished geographical landscape, mainly targeted for all deliveries on a single platform accessible through smart phone and website. This platform integrates all service providers, commonly e-commerce websites, and also creating opportunities for local grocery stores, etc., to exhibit themselves along with pioneers in E-commerce. Special portal for simultaneous crime patrolling of on-road anti-social activities is also integrated in its intelligence. When a complaint is filed through social messaging apps like SMS, WhatsApp, etc., the cameras of VARTAKs in the vicinity are triggered to capture photos and a collection of these photos, covering 360 degrees are instantly uploaded in an online crime portal which shall help in tracing convicts and shall also support as witness.

VARTAKs receive tasks on a daily basis, plan and schedule their flight. The flight will be initiated with a mutual interaction among VARTAKs, forming different fleets (Group of Drones) flying over a range of different near-by colonies from surrounding geographical landscapes, with information of pickup and delivery points available on the app. Colonies designated to a fleet are based on the heading direction of drones. All through the journey of VARTAKs, swapping occurs in fleet. A fleet-head activates disengagement and engagement of its fleet. The fleet-head leads at front and provides a signal about its fleet to near-by drones along its path and prepares fleet accordingly for any new engagement from responses received. Integration and disengagement are done through means of electro-magnetic approaches at the edges of VARTAK as illustrated in sketch.

Individual VARTAK is independent of a specific fleet-head, it only has that designation due to its position at nose of fleet. Fleet head will assign another head to its fleet and starts disengaging whenever its destination approaches. Additional intelligence over obstacle detection by LIDAR methods and local navigation through pseudo GPS methods are provided to ease pilot surveillance. A safety locker activated with OTP will be at bottom of drone and alarms will be triggered and a notification of its location is sent to near-by drones to approach and collect possible evidences, in case of trespassing.

The aftermath can be stated as:
1. The collaborative movement as a fleet inspired from birds provides VARTAK to have reduced battery drain-out rates, and providing more time for simultaneous charging through solar panels integrated on top of each VARTAKs.
2. Continuous swapping occurs periodically between active and inactive drones, thus decreasing payload among fleet, increasing durability, increases flying time for each drone and hence making long distance deliveries easier. Also Suppressing traffic, air and sound pollution, reducing emission and providing honk free travels between destinations.
3. The quad-rotor transforming into a multi-rotor increases flight stability even in adverse weather conditions such as moderate winds.
4. Integration of analyzed hardware configurations to VARTAK supports marine surveillance, defense and rescue applications


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