Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine

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Flute shape system, its related applications

Design Statement

Objects moving in air have to face aerodynamic forces.
Let's assume that object is in conical shape and have continue groove (like flute on drill tool) travelled along the periphery (starts from conical point and ends on another end) with spiral path.
It has two parts core (rotor) and outer periphery (stator) or vice versa.
Assumed inner core makes a cabin for objects, passengers.
There is rotation of outer body about its own axis due to aerodynamic/fluid forces during travelling in fluid/air and with produced rotation we can generate electricity with help of generators.
If thickness (depth) of groove on outer body increases with the length, it will act as diffuser or turbine, as results into increase in pressure of fluid at exit (but opposite for when the depth of groove decreases). We can choose required depth characteristic based on our use/application.


New type of transportation system, water turbine
Design of bullet,
Centrifugal casting,
Centrifugal separation of heavy objects,
Electricity generation,
Design of missiles,
Design of Pneumatic motor,
Straight path travel instead of parabolic for cracker rocket.
Hydraulic motor, fan
Play source,
Swirl nozzle from opposite end use,
Swirl diffuser from same end use,
New type Pneumatic fan,
Compressor, Blower, Pump etc.
As related application with motor etc.
Pneumatic mixture machine and screw jack (As input force require less from larger radius),
Juice grinder,
Concrete mixing machine,
Adjustable compass,
Pneumatic engine or jet engine (As inner compartment of object acts as combustion chamber and gases from combustion chamber passes through outside groove with help of pipes along full length or in between length as per requirement).

Note; Let assume that we have groove either on inner or outer body’s periphery surfaces. Outer body has groove on outer surface whereas inner body has groove on inside surface,
As we transmit pressurized air or fluid through this whole assembly, both bodies rotate in opposite direction to each other (Clockwise and Counter clockwise). So as a result more relative motion will be produce.

Now we can cut a groove, profile, circular disk etc. with this arrangement. (Assumed, initially there is small hole for entrance of this arrangement’s nib or conical end).
As tool bit increases its offset from central axis, there is generation of spiral groove on horizontal positioned work piece’s surface. For single pass there is small depth of cut but with multiple passes depth of groove will increase on surface of work piece.
Other related vast applications with basic design.

Cross-sectional area converting machine
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Square turning mechanism, and its related applications,
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Human powered movable pumping machine
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